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GKT Consulting. Inc. is an educational publishing and consulting company. Ginger Tucker is the President and Chief Executive Officer; Tommy Tucker is the vice president and Chief Financial Officer. The company’s logo is The Heart of Teaching; the published resources are in The Heart of Teaching Series. GKT currently serves school districts, universities, and education service centers in training and/or books sales. The primary areas of service are: first year teacher training and support, mentor training and support, training in adult learning theory and practice, training in facilitation and presentation skills, training in curriculum design, instructional and assessment strategies, training in leadership development and leadership tools, and keynote and motivational sessions.

The published resources in The Heart of Teaching series are:

1. First Year Teacher Notebook (yellow spiral book, 2013, 2002) and First Year Teacher eNotebook (eBook)

2. Mentoring and Coaching (blue book, 2013, 2003)

3. Foundations of Effective Classrooms (purple book, 2004)

4. Leading Adult Learners (orange book, 2011, 2010)

5. Tools for Effective Classrooms (green book, 2009, 2011)

6. FYTN Training Manual (2013, 2002)

7. Mentor Training Manual (2013, 2003)

8. Tools for Effective Classrooms Training Manual (2011, 2009)

9. The Heart of a Teacher: 8 Essential Qualities of an Effective Teacher( Paperback 2007, eBook 2015)

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